I’m Garrett, founder of Cozy Babe, and this is my family.  I live in San Diego with my amazing wife Heather and our 3 littles, Taylor, Lila and Avery.  For as long as I can remember I’ve wanted to be a dad. 

It all started when my niece was born and I was introduced to the wonderful world of swaddling.  At the time, it was explained to me how important swaddling was for everybody; baby feels secure, just as they were in the womb, and parents get that much needed sleep during those early months.  I didn't truly understand until my Taylor was born 4 years ago.  I studied the art of swaddling.  Through the wisdom of the nurses and guidance of my brother in law, mastered swaddling.  Taylor was sleeping through the night at 4 weeks old.  The true test came when the twins were born less than 2 years later.  The twins proved slightly more challenging, but I got them to sleep through the night by just 5 weeks old.  Swaddling is a passion of mine, and it has served me and my snug little sleepers well.  

Cozy Babe muslin blankets are the perfect size for swaddling, and all things baby; nursing covers, stroller covers, stroller blankets and tummy time. 

I hope you and your baby love our cozy products as much as we do!

Happy Swaddling,


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